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An important part of the EVIDENCE project is to understand how the current generation of transport professionals is being trained and to identify opportunities to influence the “next generation” - those people either engaged in teaching and/or sharing knowledge in a learning environment, and those being taught.

With this in mind, we have taken the evidence and produced Powerpoint presentations to make it easy for teachers/trainers/academics to incorporate our findings into their course material.

This topic covers New models of car use, Walking, Cycling, Bike Sharing and Insclusive urban design.


This topic covers e-ticketing, Traffic management and Travel information.

This topic covers Public transport enhancements, New public transport and Inegration of modes.

This topic covers Travel plans (Site-based), Travel plans (Personal) and Marketing and rewarding.

This topic covers Access restrictions, Roadspace reallocation, Environmental zones, Congestion charges and Parking.

This topic covers Urban freight consolidation centres and Cycle logistics.

This topic covers Electric and Fuel Vehicles and Enhancements to ICE technologies.

Do The Right Mix

Sustainable urban mobility

do the right mix

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